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Travel in Shenzhen
Dingshan River takes on new look after restoration    26 Jun 2013
Thousands of bikini babes form 2013 snake at Guangzhou water park   07 May 2013
Guanlan Print Original Industry Base becomes hot tourist spot in Shenzhen   21 Mar 2013
First robot museum in Shenzhen expected to open by end of 2013   31 Jan 2013
Dapeng Peninsula Geological Park in Shenzhen to open to public for free in 2013   17 Jan 2013
Getting a close-up look at warship: Destroyer "Shenzhen" attracts hundreds of visitors   28 Dec 2012
Shenzhen Museum rated as China's first-grade museum   27 Dec 2012
Shenzhen Safari Park to unveil "World of Crocodiles"   25 Dec 2012
Shenzhen's first individual tourists to Taiwan to depart Aug. 28   22 Aug 2012
Around China in a day at Splendid China in Shenzhen   10 Aug 2012
Highlights that you can squeeze into a short trip to Shenzhen   11 May 2012
Abu Dhabi embark on roadshow in Guangzhou & other 4 cities in China   09 Apr 2012
Shenzhen tourists can now visit Taiwan without being part of organised tour   02 Apr 2012
Best places to enjoy spring outing in Shenzhen   26 Mar 2012
Dameisha Seaside Park: a beautiful and fun place to go in Shenzhen   12 Mar 2012
Aussies conduct tourism research on Shenzhen & 13 other 2nd tier cities   12 Mar 2012
Touring Nantou: the 1,700-yr-old town in Shenzhen is the 'birthplace' of Hong Kong   22 Nov 2011
Minsk World: military-themed park builds on base of aircraft carrier   22 Feb 2011
Shenzhen travel tips for visitors   18 Feb 2011
General introduction of Shenzhen   18 Feb 2011
Shenzhen extends Individual Visit Scheme to allow more people to visit HK   15 Feb 2011
Travelling around the world in one day in Shenzhen Window of the World   15 Feb 2011
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