Where to appreciate spring flowers in Guangzhou

Updated: 2012-02-29
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In Spring, people like to go outside looking for beautiful scene especially flowers. Parks in Guangzhou can offer you the enjoyment of spring flowers.


In Spring, people like to go outside looking for beautiful scene especially flowers. Parks in Guangzhou can offer you the enjoyment of spring flowers.

Shimen Park:The 5th Shimen alpine rape flower festival

Shimen Park(石门公园), located in the northeast of Conghua, Guangzhou, is famous for its vast areas of rape flowers. In spring, the rape flowers blossom from New Year’s Day and last for about three months until April.

Since 2007, rape flowers can also be seen in Tianchi lake(天池湖) and in Shizao Scenic Park(石灶风景区. This year, the park has gained about 30 more acres of terraced rape flowers. Appreciating the butterflies, thickets and the blue sky is the perfect way for visitors to relax amongst the beautiful scenery.

Address: Daling Mountain, Hot Spring Town, Conghua, Guangzhou
Tickets: RMB60

Donghu Park

From January to April, the blossoming of hundreds of flowers make Donghu Park a sea of petals. Roses, cherries, gladioli, orchids and many other varieties can be found in Donghu Park(东湖公园). There are also five gardens specifically designed for different plants: palm, bamboo, kapok, rose, and rhododendron. Children visiting will have a chance to learn interesting facts about plants and can later indulge in more than 30 different amusement facilities in the park.

Most of the flowers will be in full bloom near March, best viewed on a gloriously sunny day with a clear blue sky.

Donghu Park also has one of the four biggest man-made lakes in the city, built in 1958. It is located on Donghu Road in Dongshan district. In 1963, it has recently been declared one of the eight most beautiful spots in Guangzhou.

Address: Donghu Road, Licheng Town, Zengcheng
Tickets: RMB3
Transportation: Bus line 5,7,33


Nansha Huangshanlu Park


Nansha Huangshanlu Park 南沙黄山鲁公园 

The cherry blossom forest covers an area of 10 thousand square meters. They are the first cherry blossoms to bloom in Guangzhou thanks to the cold winter. These pink cherry blossoms can last for over two months. 

Address: The crossing of Jinling Road S. and Guangsheng Road, Nansha District (West Gate)
Tickets: Free

Sunflower Garden 百万葵园

On Feb 20, 100 thousand Netherland tulips were introduced to Guangzhou Million Sunflower Garden. More than 20 colors of tulips will be on show lasting until the end of March. What’s more, ladies may receive cherry blossoms ice cream as gifts! 

Address: 15th Stream, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District
Tickets: RMB130

Timian Town 梯面镇

Thousands of acres of rapeseed flowers are sure to bloom at the end of February. Meanwhile, peach blossoms in Hongshan Village, near Timian Town, are already blooming!

Address: Huadu District
Tickets: Free


SOURCE: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

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