35yo homeless Li Yun awarded charity model at Shenzhen 2nd Charity Award

Companies and individuals awarded for their charity works at the city’s Second Charity Awards on Saturday. Sun Yuchen   A homeless garbage recycler was named a charity model at the city’s Second Charity Awards on Saturday because he had donated more than 4,000 yuan (US$615) to charity in two years.   The 35-year-old Li Yun, who collects recyclable material and lives in temporary accommodation at a construction site in Futian District, said he was very happy to win the award, but he left the ceremony secretly because he did not want to be under the

Shenzhen awarded China Charity Promoter of 2011

SHENZHEN was awarded China Charity Promoter of 2011 at the annual Conference of Philanthropy China 2011 held in Bridge Arts Center in Beijing on Sunday, along with Beijing, Shanghai and Xingyang in Henan Province. Hou Yisha, vice director of Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau who accepted the award in Beijing, said Shenzhen had ranked second in public donations in 2011 and become the “most generous city.” It has formed a charity network covering the city, district, subdistrict and community. Nearly 10,000 public charity programs were launched to aid millions of

China's first charity fair to be held in Shenzhen

CHINA’S First Charity Projects Exchange Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen on July 12-14, organizers announced at a Beijing press conference yesterday. The event is dubbed China’s No. 1 charity fair and co-organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Guangdong and Shenzhen governments. "The fair will showcase China’s latest achievements, innovative social construction and management. It will serve as

Shenzhen siblings with rare blood disease receive 130,000 yuan in donations

SHENZHEN residents have donated more than 130,000 yuan (US$21,000) to help a Shenzhen brother and sister overcome an uncommon blood disease. One resident surnamed Zhou donated 50,000 yuan Monday after reading about their situation. Many residents also called in the hope of donating their stem cells to the two children, yesterday’s Chinese-language newspapers reported. The city’s blood center is trying to help the siblings, identified as Yang Kefan and Yang Yimeng, find matching stem cells in Taiwan that are needed to save their lives. Local doctors have

200 run marathon to raise money for leukemia girl in Shenzhen

ALMOST 200 local marathon lovers ran Sunday at Bijiashan Park in Futian District to raise money for a 22-year-old Xiamen woman who has leukemia and also is a marathon enthusiast. Runners asked for donations based on the distance they ran. Some raised 0.1 yuan (US$0.016) per step while others asked for 200 yuan per kilometer, Shenzhen Evening News reported yesterday. The charity run raised about 28,000 yuan. But even that impressive amount is overshadowed by the 500,000 yuan that the woman, Zheng Ping, needs for treatment, the News report said. Shenzhen is one of eight

Shenzhen starts construction on rehab park in Bao'an District

CONSTRUCTION of a park designed to help people with disabilities rehabilitate started in Bao’an District on Tuesday. The park, the first of its kind in Shenzhen, is scheduled to be put into use in August. Covering 3,062 square meters and with an investment of 5 million yuan (US$792,200), the park will be equipped with 25 kinds of rehabilitation facilities and accommodate up to 200 people at a time.   SOURCE: Shenzhen Daily

Charity walk along Shenzhen Bay to boost public faith in giving

SHENZHEN residents will get a chance to show their support for charitable activities simply by walking, in a July event intended to boost public faith in giving. The Walk for a Million, an event initiated by the Shenzhen Project Care office, the Care Foundation and Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, will be held for the first time along Shenzhen Bay on July 8, starting at 10 a.m. Participants will walk about 3 kilometers from Section C of Shenzhen Bay Park, ending at the Wedding Park. Huang Yanglue, director of the Shenzhen Project Care office, said the event’s goal is to encourage

Dad seeks public help to raise money for baby with rare disease

Zhou Shaohe’s son sleeps at home. The baby can now defecate only through a hole in his belly.Zhang Guofang   A SHENZHEN man is seeking help from the public to raise money for his newborn son, who suffers from congenital anal atresia. Zhou Shaohe said he can’t afford the necessary 100,000-yuan (US$15,789) anal surgery because he already has debt from taking care of other sick family members, but he is trying every means possible to help his son, Chinese-language media reported yesterday. Zhou’s son was born June 8 at a hospital in Shajing,

Shenzhen government to help victims of natural disasters

THE local government will give a minimum of 5,000 yuan (US$787) to the family of each victim of future natural disasters, according to the city’s proposed social assistance regulations. The regulations were drafted by the city’s civil affairs bureau and are open for public comments. Designated natural disasters include severe weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms at sea and forest fires, the Daily Sunshine reported recently. People affected by a natural disaster can apply for a basic living subsidy of 20 yuan per day. In addition, the regulations

Shenzhen retired teacher, 93, donates RMB 150,000 in 7 years

A 93-YEAR-OLD retired teacher donated 10,000 yuan (US$1,570) Monday to help impoverished students receive education in Pingshan New Area, putting his total donations at more than 150,000 yuan in the past seven years, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday. The retired teacher, Huang Guorong, is a Chinese man who spent much of his youth overseas. He returned to China in 1949, moving from Malaysia to Shenzhen, and began teaching at a primary school in Pingshan. He eventually became the school’s principal and retired from that position in 1980. Since then,

Shenzhen hosts China's first national charity expo

Xing Dong (L), a well-known Chinese artist, teaches an autistic child at the charity expo in Shenzhen, July 12, 2012   China's first national charity expo opened Thursday in the southern city of Shenzhen, displaying the country's charity projects and providing a platform for information-sharing and experience exchanges. More than 500 social organizations, foundations, enterprises and educational institutions participated in the expo, which "shows the latest progress in the nation's charity development", Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu said in a letter of

British volunteer Christine Canham to join Shenzhen social enterprise

Christine Canham   AFTER more than two decades working for British social enterprises, Christine Canham started a new career path with a Shenzhen-based organization yesterday. The 53-year-old from Manchester has dedicated herself to volunteer development in the United Kingdom for 25 years. In the coming year, though, Canham will be a volunteer herself at Canyou, a Shenzhen social enterprise whose employees are primarily people with disabilities. She will help the organization enhance its volunteer-management system and help staff members and volunteers

Shenzhen newly-wed couple donates cash gifts of 80K yuan to poor students

A YOUNG couple donated more than 80,000 yuan (US$12,600) to rural students in Guizhou Province after receiving the money as gifts for their wedding Sunday in Shenzhen. The donation will help 30 students in rural villages finish their nine years of compulsory education, Chinese-language media reported yesterday. Wang Zhenxi, born in 1981 and now president of Shenzhen Bangzhao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., and Zhang Jinmin, born in 1984 in Beijing, got married in Luohu District on Sunday night and made the donation to Rao Xiao, chairman of Guizhou’s association

Lack of donations put Shenzhen charity shops on the verge of bankruptcy

EIGHT charity shops are on the verge of bankruptcy because of insufficient donations needed to stock their shelves with goods for the poor, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday. Charity shops are nonprofit retailers that are affiliated with district or city governments and provide daily necessities for low-income families. Low-income families can buy goods for prices that are 30 percent less than market prices, if not cheaper, but charity shops usually set quantity limits for valued necessities such as rice and cooking oil. Charity shop supplies primarily come from

Shenzhen Project Care Foundation to honor big donors

INDIVIDUALS or families who donate at least 10,000 yuan (US$1,589) to the Shenzhen Project Care Foundation can have a fund named in their honor, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday. The promotion is intended to encourage individuals and families to get involved in local charities. Donations can be made in installments or all at once, but for donations of 10,000 to 100,000 yuan, initial donations must be at least 50 percent of the total amount pledged and the remainder must be donated within five years. Donors who pledge more than 100,000 yuan can stretch their
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