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5 most popular dishes in dim sum

Updated: 07 Sep 2012

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5 most popular dishes in dim sum
Cha siu bao 叉烧包

There's the traditional cha siu bao made of white Chinese buns steamed in a bamboo basket.

It appeals to the sweet tooth that every Cantonese is born with and showcases the barbecue pork that Cantos are famous for.

It has modern variations. The baked cha siu bao has a yellowish bread casing and a sticky glaze, but with the same sweet barbecue pork filling.

The latest craze in Hong Kong is the pastry cha siu bao. A saccharine cookie case is used to hold the pork.

If there was an official rulebook on dim sum eating, it would tell us to eat cha siu bao towards the end of the meal.

These fluffy white buns break open to reveal a barbecue pork filling. It's rather sweet, like dessert, and rather filling, so save it for after the dumplings.
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