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5 most popular dishes in dim sum

Updated: 07 Sep 2012

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5 most popular dishes in dim sum
Har gow 虾饺

The shrimp dumpling, har gow, is arguably the king of dim sum. It is the dish against which a dim sum restaurant's worth is weighed.

Or it should be. These days, gimmicky new dim sum inventions distract the jaded diner. Why eat a har gow when you can have a lobster dumpling decked with gold foil and shaped like a swan?

But a classic is a classic and the har gow always makes it to the dim sum table even if its taken for granted.

The best kind should have a wrapper that has been folded at least seven times to demonstrate the dexterity of the chef. The wrapper should be translucent, showing the pink glow of shrimp inside it.

At the best tables, the filling is made with fresh, sweet shrimp mixed with finely chopped bamboo shoots for a crunchy dimension.

Dip in chili sauce if that's your thing and try to wait for everyone to have a piece before going for seconds.
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