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How to use member page and meet a friend in Shenzhen
Updated: 2012-02-28 by Nelson
Wanting to make friends in Shenzhen, it is easy at WOZ ( At our Member's Page, finding the right fit is easy...
There are so many ways to connect to these people living in Shenzhen, choose to network, ask a date on the WOZ forum, WOZ mail or add WOZ buddies to exchange information, or simply login 'My Chat Room' at My Control Page and chat online and real time, it's all available with WOZ.
There are lots of friend making sites out there (Yahoo Personals, Blind Date or Chemistry to name a few), but none are as simple, localize, fast or free as WOZ.
But, before you begin, you need to build your personal profile so others who are interested in meeting you know a little bit about yourself, this is to break ice, build trust, and make real network. Join now...........
My Profile and ID Photo

Your brief profile such as name, nationality, likes and dislikes, age and brief background helps to tell who you are and hence more approachable, just like meeting someone in cafes, pubs, clubs, churches, shops or temples. All these help to build real network of friends (remember lies are negative and truth bridges positive image and people. A profile photo will help people who want to meet you, gains more trust and build positive network in Shenzhen. Join now...........
Member List
Once you have joined and fill in your personal details and become a member of WOZ, your details and contacts will appear on the member list. The list however contains very brief details ONLY about yourself as we believe in privacy. Member list contains only your username, nationality, your brief description 'about me' and the city you live in and of course, your profile photo. Other more private details such as your age, contact details, and addresses are subjected to our privacy policy. However, these details will be revealed to your 'buddy' once you have added him or her.
You can browse through the Member List to find out who you want to make contact and wish to become your friend. You can add as many 'buddy' as you like. However, you have only one chance, once you have added a 'buddy' and you are declined by that 'buddy', the system will refuse you to add him/her again. Join now...........    
Add a Buddy
Simply use the add button, a message is sent to the selected member, on 'My WOZ Buddies', you will find outgoing invite or incoming invites. There are for members who you have added to your buddy list and members who want to become your buddy. Simply accept or decline to build your network of friends.
My WOZ Buddies
This section displays the list of all your buddies, incoming and outgoing invites.  Incoming and outgoing invites are members that you or your invites which have not been accepted or declined.
My Chat Room
This is the real time chat room. You can enter, meet new members and chat to old buddies, or simply enter and ask about happenings in Shenzhen. Get the news in Shenzhen from the members who live in the same city as you. There are many rooms in here, The Lounge, or you can create your own private room.
Add member news
News to share with other members, or simply wish to publish your opinion, please write to . All the articles will be published if there contain no political issues, religion and pornography. We are decent people living in Shenzhen and do not want to be rude and offensive.
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