Dirty air-conditioning poses health hazards in Shenzhen

Updated: 2013-04-19
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MANY office workers in Shenzhen could be breathing foul air indoors from dirty central air-conditioning systems.

Results of a survey by the Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Association said more than 90 percent of the central air conditioners in Shenzhen have never been cleaned since they were installed.

Central air-conditioning systems are known as buildings’ lungs and provide ventilation. But dusts and other dirty materials that pile up over time can pose health threats if systems aren’t cleaned regularly.

The survey indicated that most department stores and office buildings in the city have never cleaned their systems. Of most of those that have, only the vents were washed while conduits were never touched.

A perceived high cost is the major reason that businesses avoid thorough cleanings, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported. Based on the current market price of 25 yuan (US$4) for every square meter of cleaning, it can cost 5 to 6 million yuan to clean the air-conditioning system in a building with dozens of floors.

Modern cleaning equipment and professional workers also are recommended, but some property managers don’t think the costs are worthwhile, the survey indicated. Some property managers also think it’s too troublesome to persuade property owners or tenants to pay more themselves to compensate for the costs.

Stricter national regulations on hygiene standards for ventilation systems came into effect April 1. The regulations lay out disinfection standards and requirements for professional companies.
SOURCE: szdaily.com
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