From Miss Piggy to Miss Twiggy, UK teacher Katie Milner loses 5st

Updated: 2013-03-26
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Katie Milner
Cruel: Katie Milner was called Miss Piggy before she lost weight  
Katie Milner
Over the last three years, Katie has managed to shed five stone to weigh a svelte 10st 3lbs
A primary school teacher has shed five stone after being tormented about looking like Muppets character Miss Piggy by students while at university.

Katie Milner, 22, tipped the scales at 15st 3lbs after years of eating on takeaway food, chocolate and up to five bags of crisps a day at university.

She had gained so much weight it took her 10 minutes to put her shoes on and caused her to suffer from ankle and chest pains. She also developed asthma.

But 5ft 3ins tall Katie decided she needed to lose weight after being called fat and branded ‘Miss Piggy’ by fellow students at university.

Over the last three years, Katie has managed to shed five stone. Her weight has now settled at a more svelte 10st 3lbs and she has dropped from size 20 to a trim size 10.

Yesterday Katie, from Meriden, West Midlands, said: 'I couldn’t believe what I looked like. I was huge and decided enough was enough.

'I would be called a ‘fat pig’ by some people and 'Miss Piggy', which was hard to take.

'When I saw a photograph of myself looking really big I knew I had to do something.

'I’m grinning in all of the photos of me when I was fat, but it was all a front. I wasn’t happy. I had no self confidence and I hated the way I looked.’

Katie, who started as a primary school teacher last September, used to hoard chocolate and crisps in her bedroom as a child.

She said: ‘My weight was always an issue from a young age and it had a big impact on my self-esteem.

'I used to try silly diets that were dangerous and, at the age of 17, I was put under the observation of a doctor and dietician as I was making myself sick.’

Katie joined a Rosemary Conley Fitness Club in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, and after a few months was running up to 10 miles a day

She said: ‘I’m so much fitter and healthier and no longer asthmatic.

'I can do 10 mile runs, my ankles are back to a normal size and I no longer suffer stomach or chest pains.

'I have also noticed a real difference in my love life.

'I never really had many boyfriends because I had no self confidence but I am getting a lot more attention from men now which is great.

'I was engaged a few months ago but we split up and now I’m a single girl and loving life.’
SOURCE: Daily Mail
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Kevinosbern commented on 18 Apr 2016
Whoa ! this is what I call a makeover. The sheer dedication and strong will is what made her achieve this. I am sure it would have been a really great achievement and a smack on the faces of people to those who might have bitched about her before. A teacher doing this automatically inspires a lot of people. directv packages
Kevinosbern commented on 26 Aug 2015
You deserve a great round of applause and I appreciate you for the strong determination you have kept about bringing down your weight. Well, I am sure that this transformation would have shut all those mouths who had been calling you Miss Piggy. Avia walking shoes
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