Popular gourmet streets in Guangzhou

Updated: 02 Mar 2011
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Guangzhou food is renowned both inside and outside of China. All the regional varieties of cuisine can be found in Guangzhou. The fourteen Gourmet streets, scattered in the 12 districts and counties, are based on the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. They also boast Western food, Asian food and traditional Guangdong cuisine, all of which are food and taste landmarks..

Huifudong Gourmet Street, Yuexiu District

Location: Yushan Road, Huifudong Road, Shufang Street, Close to Beijinglu PedestrianStreet.

This area features Lingnan cuisine. Traditional Lingnan food and delicacies can be found on Yushan Road. Huifudong Road offers traditional Lingnan food and Southeast Asian food. A food park is located on Shufangjie.

For visitors, this area is renowned for its large number of fashionable people, foreign style food and few parking lots. Close to Beijinglu Pedestrian Street, it boasts Yuenan cuisine, Indian curry, Korean BBQ, Japanese Sushi and Thai Tom Yum Kong.

Shamian Island, Liwan District

Location: Shamian Island with an area of 0.3 square kilometers

Shamian Island is renowned for its unique European architecture, exotic atmosphere, and spectacular river view. This place offers restaurants of different countries, fashionable pubs, 5 star hotels and C