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Fr. China
Topic: Going under the knives, 400m yuan & 200 surgeries

Girl undergoes cosmetic procedure since 16, she spends RMB 400m on 200 surgeries.


A young girl from Nanjing has been going under the knife over 200 times since she was 16, and has spent 400 million yuan on that. However these plastic surgeries didn't make her more beautiful and leaves her lifetime scars, eroded bones and a tumour in her breast.


You can read the full story and the pictures here


Nowadays, modern girls are crazy to perfect their bodies using plastic surgeries. Do you believe in artificial beauty for yourself or if you are a man, do you like your girl to be made beautiful by surgeries?

12 Mar 2012
Fr. China
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she lost her mind,
her parents lost their mind
13 Mar 2012

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