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Topic: Dogs consumed as food in China

Today’s economic giant China continues to bake dogs. Last year a story was published on stray dogs being cooked alive in Eastern China. The post had photos [see below] of a small homeless puppy being lured toward a woman who was shown in the next photo to be holding the dog by its neck in tongs and cooking it over fire. The practice is being reported to be seen again in China.


Dog meats are consumed in some parts of China


Kengkou (see above), Guangzhou is a city where dog meats are still consumed

This kind of cooking dates back thousands of years in Chinese history – a kind of culinary tradition. The Eastern Chinese city of Kengkou is particularly infamous for this and the photos of the story above were taken from there.

Please send your stringer to this area or any other where this practice is still in existence.



- End -


Dog meats are also consumed in South Korea, are you against eating dog meat? why or why not?



04 Mar 2012

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