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Fr. China
Topic: Money OR taking life threatening risk

A Chinese woman who delayed seeing a doctor for a work injury to avoid losing a $95 bonus for good attendance died of a brain hemorrhage, local media reported.

Du Juan, 23, an assembly line worker, had suffered serious injuries when she hit her head on a bathroom door at her Belton Co. workplace in Shenzhen in southern China's Guangdong Province, Nanfang Daily reported.

China Daily reported that Du kept working for three more days without medical attention so she wouldn't lose the bonus for a full year's good work attendance despite suffering intense pain and losing her hearing.

"She was in a very bad state the next day and kept holding her head the following two days. Her hearing worsened and [she] couldn't hear her sister talk," said Hu Li, who had worked with Du.

Du was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage and died a week later.

Du, employed since graduating from high school, had worked an average of 11 hours a day for minimum wage.

Source: The Korea Herald/ANN

- Story ends -


Would you take risk of losing your life to save some cash? We often choose between going to hospital for a medical check if there is health discomfort, severe illness OR staying back to save some money.


Being hypocondriac or delaying to save money, there is two sides of the decision making in your head.


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02 Mar 2012

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