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China RO Registration

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China RO Registration
China RO Registration

Representative Office (RO) is fairly quick, relatively inexpensive and easy way to set up in China. It is established by foreign companies and an entity involved in business activities which do not result in direct profits being made by the office. They are not recognized as legal persons. The RO is an excellent means by which a foreign company can become further involved in the Chinese market.

Reasons why Foreign companies to set up RO:
1)A oreign company is looking for Chinese suppliers
2)A foreign company is looking to make a direct investment in the Chinese market, but feels it needs to do more market research before it decides on a long-term strategy for entry into China.
3)A foreign company already has an existing market for its products and/or services in China, but the Chinese market is not large enough to sustain a full-blown investment in China.

RO Advantages
1)No registered capital required
2)Easy to control than others business type in Hr or Tax issue
3)The quickest, relatively inexpensive and easy to set up

Tannet was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong and built long-term relationship with many clients from China, South America, EU and Africa to help them set up their own business or sub-department in Chinese speaking areas. Tannet has 38 worldwide fully owned companies in, for example, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and has over 3,000 cooperative institutions. Our services included Professional consultancy;Premium processing & follow-up;

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