ChunManYuan Restaurant - Shanhaixuan Branch

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Welcome to ChunManYuan Restaurant - Shanhaixuan Branch

ChunManYuan Restaurant - Shan Hai Xuan (SHX) Branch reopened in January 2003, located in Mailin Club at Mid-Level of Shenkou Nanshan Mountain. This particular elegant environment is surrounded by the lush greenery, fountains and all sorts of natural flora & fauna. Inside the restaurant facilities include 13 of the nicest decorated and comfortable VIP rooms in Shenzhen, with famous tea available. The spacious dinning room is perfect for afternoon tea, parties or banquets...and with the total roof sky light, the atmosphere is absolutely perfect for an evening wine event. There is nothing like this in Shenzhen...a must see for your next event, party or gathering.
Friendly Staff, Elegance Stylish Atmosphere, Mordern Decor, Traditional Cuisine, Superior Wine Selection, Natural Landscaping, Superior Management.


  • District:
  • Address: Beauty 1 club,Shekou Mountain Road, Shenzhen
  • C-Address: 深圳市蛇口沿山路1号美伦会所内
  • Opening Hours:
  • Bus Routing:


  • Telephone: +86 (755) 26868661 26868662
  • Fax:
  • Email:
  • Website:


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