Burger King (CITIC Plaza )

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Welcome to Burger King (CITIC Plaza )

Miami-based BURGER KING® Corporation was established in 1954 today is the second largest quick service restaurant company in the world. BKC oversees a system of more than 12,000 restaurants in more than 74 countries and territories around the world with more than 360,000 employees. BKC believes in the simple concept of providing its customer with reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings. The WHOPPER™ sandwich, one of the best-known hamburger sandwiches in the world, remains a perennial favorite with more than RMB210 million WHOPPER™ sandwiches having been sold to our customers yearly. BKC entered China in 2005 as a wholly foreign owned enterprise and is growing rapidly.


  • District:
  • Address: Basement Floor/L-316, Citic Plaza, Shennan Road Central, Shenzhen
  • C-Address: 深圳市福田区深南中路市政府南侧中信城市广场地下一层L-316
  • Opening Hours:
  • Bus Routing:


  • Telephone: +86-755-8350 0169
  • Fax:
  • Email:
  • Website:


EileenMitchell 2014-10-11
We all realize that owning an establishment, for example, a Burger King establishment can be extremely beneficial in the long haul yet would it say it is that simple to run? The reality of the situation is regardless of what establishment business you begin, you will dependably be guaranteed monetary autonomy however so as to get that freedom you'll have to work for it. By and large some individuals are not mindful of what it takes to run a fast food restaurant which is the reason by perusing the following three after truths you will have a decent thought whether you are prepared or not. Regardless you will have learned profitable data here if you ever choose to join an establishment.
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randy112 2014-08-08
Burger King is very successful, I especially like their burgers, but not their chips, I remember travelling down to the closest burger king, which was some decent, after work, just to get a bite, so it must have had a good impression on me.
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prettysia 2014-07-04
We went to Burger King outlet at the CITIC Plaza. As usual tasty burgers and usual sides and juice with fast efficient service. Restaurant is well located. Good option for a quick bite while you visit CITIC Plaza.
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casper 2014-05-20
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I had a very good time being on the page of your website. I like to know about the services that are offered by BURGER KING®. You guys are of great help for people like me who have no idea on the best restaurants at a new place. I hope this site will help me in such conditions
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