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  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 Chinese girls like taking fake photossuperlady4358923 Apr 12 
 Bullet train from Shenzhen to ShanghaiPhillip2942201 Aug 12 
 New to SZ.Dunkeld2855302 Jan 12 
 Buick 4S storeGarytown2728209 Mar 11 
 Relationshipbloom2420202 Mar 13 
 I am a new guy heremarius3452391505 Jan 14 
 Do you really think Chinese language is hard ?mint2362101 Mar 14 
 Toilet Restaurantglee2361328 Aug 12 
 Looking for a Sushi restaurant at Luohu DistrictGarytown2350209 Mar 11 
 Air purifierartost2335220 Feb 13 
 laundry serviceglee2317215 Aug 12 
 Motorbike purchasingKatherine2199206 Feb 13 
 Window of the world in ShenzhenVivian33992134309 Mar 11 
 Where to dance salsa?Mariana2132208 Aug 12 
 What can I do if I want some business in Shenzhen?SabrinaTang2075225 Mar 13 
 Where is the best place to have seafood?Cheekshee2048207 Mar 11 
 Killer GameBlair2007525 Feb 13 
 Who want make business with Germany?Siswoyo1983103 Mar 14 
  any interesting architecture in Shenzhen?laurarun1981707 May 12 
 Part time employement/Internshipivanpersie1977224 May 14 
 Date of CCEF 2011Jeffkayayi1966209 Mar 11 
 Dragon boat dayGreentree1940412 Jun 12 
 Generation Gapevgeny1925214 Mar 13 
  Electronic City in Shen Zhenmmmnnn1907311 May 12 
 Anyone has experienced cancer screening in China?lillianzhang1900124 May 13 
 Splendid China, the theme park Jawow1887317 Aug 12 
 Robot Restaurant in Shenhzenalexander6561886127 Dec 13 
 Lo Wu Border station 5 day shenhzen visaalexander6561841127 Dec 13 
 Help Help Help!!!Oxfordshire1831401 Feb 12 
 Where to find a big libruary?meizi1825102 May 13 
 About Motorcycletsumimasen1821309 May 12 
 GZ or SZ for living?Dunkeld1817402 Jan 12 
 Where is the good place to meet foreign friends?Pig1785313 Mar 12 
 vehicletsumimasen1725331 May 12 
 Most expensive beverageAngelina1723216 Feb 13 
 Looking for Gym Equipmentgooden1713221 Sep 12 
 Making friendsteenchen1710307 Apr 12 
 Shenzhen to Hongkong ferryBookaboo1709218 Aug 12 
 Hot girls on the streetganda1705213 Apr 12 
 China Mobile serviceevgeny1671211 Jan 13 
 Chinese roommateJupiter1664205 May 12 
 Go shopping in ShenzhenSunshinelady1661428 Mar 12 
 Places for kids to hang out?Terry1652207 Mar 11 
 Dim Sum for morning teacoco1640231 Jul 12 
 Where to purchase a mobile phone?Jawow1637302 Aug 12 

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