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Fr. China
Topic: Anyone has experienced cancer screening in China?
I am a PhD student in the University of HONG KONG. I am looking for English-speaking interviewees who have experienced issues related to cancer screening in China. This is a course related assignment.

Three interviewees are wanted before June 20. For each person, about 40 minutes are needed for an interview.

If you're currently in Shenzhen or Hong Kong, if you have once experienced cancer screening services in China, please contact me. I will arrange the interview to the best of your convenience.

In exchange, you'll have 5 hours free medical consultation from June 2013~ June 2014, or one day's company when you are seeking reliable medical services in Shenzhen,Guangzhou or Hong Kong.
The service will be provided by me, who has a Bachelor and a Master degree in Clinical Medicine in China.

Email or call.

+852 59857984
24 May 2013

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