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Fr. China
Topic: Killer Game
Is there anyone who is experienced in playing Chinese killer? I don't know about the rules.
25 Feb 2013
Fr. China
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Well, the rules are complicated. First, a host who will acts as the judge will be selected. He or she will play the fair role as judge and host the game. Everyone will get a card. Then two people who get killer cards will have rights to kill other people when others close their eyes. Another two people will act as police and try their best to catch killers. Everyone in the game can express their opinions to guess who are killers. Blum, Blum, Blum... We can play first if you want and then you will be familiar with rules very quickly.
25 Feb 2013
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@Blair It's a surprise that a Chinese young generation doesn't know about the killer game. It's famous actually. But it's ok, you can learn it by gradually taking part in it. It's pretty interesting, hope we can gather sometime and play together~
27 Feb 2013
Fr. France
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I'd love to try sometime, I heard it's a game which tests your logic. You should look into others' eyes and tell whether they are telling the truth or not. Just like police or detectives.
02 Mar 2013
Fr. China
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I like this game and always play. You might feel it too complicated when you firt time try it. My suggestion is to practice more, and you will find it interesting. Enjoy it!
22 Nov 2013

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