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Fr. United States
Topic: Motorbike purchasing
Of course, all motorbike riders would love to be riding around SZ city on a Ducati. But I know eventually the police will catch me. So I'm looking for a bike that I can actually ride in Shenzhen. I would like to buy a bike that "looks legal" but is fast... around 125cc-250cc. Any idea? Thanks
06 Feb 2013
Fr. China
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Well now bikes are illegal to ride in the city of sz. The fact is 250cc is as large as they come in China but you must go outside the city to get one.

I do how ever know a guy in GZ who can get bigger bikes, it seems they fall of the boat somewhere near Qingdoa and you can get a real nice 900cc Ducati if you want to pay the right price to everyone.
06 Feb 2013

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